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Jacki Weaver is set to star in The Silver Lining Playbook next to Jennifer and Bradley Cooper. The Animal Kingdom star is set to play Bradley Cooper’s mother

“former high school teacher (Cooper) who is institutionalized for depression and is released from a health facility determined to find the silver linings in his life. He tries to win back his ex-wife but becomes involved with an eccentric neighbor (Lawrence) with problems of her own.

Weaver will play Cooper’s mother, who takes care of him.”


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We added some more fan masterpieces in our collection of Jennifer fanart. This time the update includes some amazing drawings and some beautiful blends. Huge thanks to: TackyLove, vacant-xpressi0ns, FantasyDreams46, gaunt-ariita and Heath.

Don’t forget that we are always open for more artwork! There are no good and bad pieces as long as they’re made with love and respect to Jennifer. If you want us to put your artwork here e-mail us!

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Jennifer’s character, Katniss Everdeen, from her upcoming movie The Hunger Games is now available to add on Panem October which you can find here

If you have not yet joined Panem October, I recommend doing so. Its pretty fun as you find out your own district. You can sign up here.

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In US Magazine; Lenny Kravitz talks about Jennifer and his scenes withher as he plays Katniss’ (Jennifer) stylist Cinna and creates the whole girl on fire!

US: How has it been working with Jennifer Lawrence?

LK: Oh man, I shot a scene with her yesterday and it was just the two of us, where our characters meet, and she is unbelievable. I hate comparisons, but she is a young Meryl Streep. This girl is for real and just acting with her, it just brought it to a level where she pulled me in so deeply, and the scene just became so real and at the end we had to pop out of it. It was someplace we had gone into and it was really beautiful. I learned actually a lot from her yesterday and she is fantastic.

US: You knew her through Zoe before you started filming, right?

LK: Yes, and that makes it even more odd. She is a family friend and all of the sudden you have to be serious because when we are all together we are all quite silly. My daughter, her friends…we are quite a silly bunch, but it was great. 




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Great news! Lionsgate has officially announced that The Hunger Games is wrapped! Jennifer will play Katniss Everdeen, which you probably all know anyway and it will come out next year. Jennifer stars along side the likes of Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale Hawthorne).

“It has been an absolute thrill watching THE HUNGER GAMES, a project that has truly become part of Lionsgate’s DNA since our acquisition of the book in 2009, come to life.  What I observed on set was impressive on every level, and reinforced my confidence that we have assembled precisely the right team to bring Suzanne Collins’ brilliant novel to the big screen,” said Joe Drake, Lionsgate’s co-COO and Motion Picture Group President. 






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There has been a little more information on Jennifer’s up coming movie; The Silver Linings Play Book . It talk briefly about what will be happening in the movie and that Robert De Niro is set to star in the movie as well.

 Chris Tucker hasn’t made a movie in four years, but he might be starring alongside Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence soon.

The “Rush Hour 3” actor (his last film, in 2007) is in talks for a role in “The Silver Linings Playbook,” according to MovieWeb.com.
The film stars “The Hangover” hottie Bradley Cooper as a former high school teacher who is committed to an institution for depression. When he gets out, he tries to win his ex-wife back but ends up falling for his neighbor, played by Lawrence.Robert De Niro also stars in the flick, set for release in 2013.


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You might of heard that Jennifer is set to star in an up coming movie; The Silver Linings Playbook well; it has been confirmed that Jennifer will star along side the likes of Bradley Cooper and Chris Tucker.

The Rush Hour star, who is best recognised for swapping verbal banter with Jackie Chan, is said to be in talks to join poignant drama The Silver Linings Playbook alongside Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, reported Variety.


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Tomorrow, Jennifer’s movie Like Crazy is having its first showing at TIFF at 6pm at Ryerson. On the TIFF website it has a long plot synopsis 

She’s English, he’s American — but for now they’re both squatting in the land of the smitten. In this savvy take on star-crossed love, the obstacle comes not in the form of feuding families or untimely death, but the more contemporary challenges of geography and immigration papers. While Drake Doremus offered up goofball road-trip romance in his 2010 comedy Douchebag, he now turns his virtuoso eye to the dramatic.Like Crazy is an astute and sharply honest glimpse at one turbulent ocean-spanning relationship.

Anna (Felicity Jones) notices Jacob (Anton Yelchin) in one of her college classes in Los Angeles. In a move worthy only of her youth, she scribbles a love poem and leaves it on his car. The pair is soon catapulted into that most potent brand of romance: naïve, pure and possibly fleeting. When Anna is deported back to England after overstaying her visa, the couple reckons with the inadequacies of text messaging, rival lovers and the cruel realities of a distance that starts out physical but becomes, over time, emotional.

The actors improvised all of the dialogue — Doremus’ mother was a founding member of The Groundlings, so improv is in his genes — adding a visceral naturalism to the film’s affective punch. Jones and Yelchin perfectly capture the can’t-get-enough-of-each-other bliss of young love, conveying both the sweetness and vulnerability of twentysomething courtship. As Jacob’s convenient distraction, Jennifer Lawrence (nominated for an Academy Award® for Winter’s Bone last year) is a smoky counterpoint to Jones’ bright-eyed Anna.

This perceptive account of first-time heartbreak is often painful but never cynical. Shot on a Canon HD still camera,Like Crazy’s lo-fi visual sensibility enhances the high-impact resonance of Anna and Jacob’s very recognizable story. Doremus’ lens magnifies the often fitful process of realizing it isn’t meant to be. We may idealize our first love, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real.  

 For the timetable of the three showings of Like Crazy here 


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Teen Vogue has an article on Jennifer and Emma Watson’s minimalist style Calvin Klein Collection gowns.

The two starlets both rocked minimalist Calvin Klein Collection gowns to major red carpet events: Emma at a screening of the latest Harry Potter flick and Jennifer at the Oscars. But which actress rocks the simple design best? Emma compliments the dresses classic shape and clean lines by opting for a sophisticated black version. She sticks to the basics when it comes to accessories, choosing elegant black heels and a barely-there bracelet as her only piece of jewelry but her fashion-forward pixie cut adds some youthful edginess to the look! Jennifer, on the other hand, gives the dress’ minimalist shape a jolt of energy by opting for a version in fire engine red. She makes sure the gown is the main attraction by opting for quieter hair and accessories–her loose locks and gold clutch are the perfect counterpart to this notice-me-now frock!


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Teen Vogue have posted an online character profile for the characters of Jennifer’s up coming movie; The Hunger Games in which she plays Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss Everdeen
When her father died, fiercely self-sufficient sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen was forced to became the sole provider for her mother and little sister—which, in District 12, often means spending whole days in the wilderness, illegally hunting for food. Despite her hard exterior, Katniss has a big heart and often shares her spoils with others. Her love for her little sister, Prim, forces Katniss to take her place as a competitor in Panem’s annual Hunger Games. As a “tribute” in the games, Katniss uses her skills and strength to survive, and along the way learns something she never expected—how to trust someone else to take care of her.


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Teen Vogue has a section on Jennifer’s style changes over the years and here is the order:

  1. Teen Vogue’s young Hollywood party 2008
  2. Annual Hollywood’s awards gala 2010
  3. Palm Springs international film awards gala 2011
  4. Annual critics choice awards 2011
  5. 68th Annual golden globe awards in Luis Vutton 2011
  6. Annual DGA awards 2011
  7. SAG awards wearing Oscar de la renta gown; 2011
  8. Orange British Academy Film Awards; wearing Stella McCartney 2011
  9. Oscars wearing a lovely red Calvin Klein dress, 2011
  10. Mui Mui fall runway 2011; wearing a red Mui Mui dress

 Its pretty fun so go and check it out.


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Last night was the X Men First Class Blu Ray launch party in which hitfix caught up with Lucas Till (Havok/Alex Summers); Jennifer’s co-star. Lucas shared with hitfx on how he almost missed out on starring in X Men First Class because of the thought that he was to be offered beast and couldn’t endure the hours of make up that Jennifer had to do to get into her role of Mystique.

“They could’ve been trying to goof me or whatever… I went out, and they were flying me to London, and [they] told me I was auditioning for Havok and Beast,” Lucas shared. “And I was like, ‘I know you’ll kill me, but if I get Beast, I’m not in the movie. I’m not going through that makeup everyday.’”

He added, “I have so much respect for Jason [Flemying], Jennifer [Lawrence], and Nick [Hoult]. They had to go through like hours of makeup before we even got there. It’s just rough.”

Don’t forget to order you X Men: First Class DVD or Blur Ray copy here but if your visiting this site from the UK; please remember that X Men:First Class comes out for you guys on the 31st October.




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X Men First Class comes out today on DVD and Blu Ray, which has the behind the scenes footage; that we have all probably seen; Jennifer enduring seven hours of make up to get ready for her role as Raven Darkholme/Mystique

The picture to the left is Jennifer in action in her blue form of Mystique. 

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The Abduction star; Lily Collins recently chatted to Teen Vogue about her acting ambitions in which she says how she loved Jennifer in Winters Bone.

Teen Vogue: What is your future acting ambitions?

Lily Collins: “I’d also love to do some sort of comedy, or a really gritty independent. I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Winter’s Bone.”


Watch the trailer for Winters Bone  here.


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According to In Style UK Jennifer is one of the women to watch next year. Magazine quotes;

In her debut awards season, Jennifer Lawrence wowed with killer curves.

Jennifer Lawrence; the bombshell

Among the others to watch is Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Melanie Laurent, Teresa Palmer and Jessica Chastain.


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